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Would you like to make a (one-off) contribution to my research? This can now be done very simply by scanning the QR code. Would you rather go to the fundraising website? Then click on the QR code image above.
You could call it my life's work; telling the story of the Dutch, Jewish family Walg and teaching both children and adults about the Holocaust.

A few years ago, I was curious about the "Jewish past" of the village where I live. I filled in "Ouderkerk" on the Yad Vashem database website, clicked on search and to my big surprise there appeared a number of names on my screen.
Eén van die namen was “Walg”. Ik besloot deze familie verder te onderzoeken en uiteindelijk heeft dat geleid tot mijn eigen website .

On this website I hope to , on the basis of archive records, regularly write something about the Walg family; a family that was almost completely wiped out after the war. Of the more than 30 people I investigate, only 6 survived the horrors of the war.

In the future I also hope to give lectures and to write a book about this family.
Nu de generatie, die zelf nog ooggetuige is geweest van de holocaust langzaamaan verdwijnt, is het aan de volgende generaties om de geschiedenis en de herinnering aan deze families levend te houden.

But why this funding campaign?

I would really want to run my research smoothly and successfully, but sometimes I encounter some problems.

 Unfortunately, I am chronically ill. In 2002 I had a spinal reconstructive surgery. Shortly after the operation my lungs shriveled and I ended up on life-support and in a medically-induced coma. I remained in a critical condiotion on the ICU for over a month. As a result, a second back operation could no longer take place. The result: For almost 20 years now I have been suffering, 24/7, from severe nerve pains and I am extremely tired every day. Residual effects that limits my daily activities significantly.

I live a sort of reversed life. On average I lie down 16 hours a day and I can only be active for approximately 8 hours in total. In those 8 hours I have to do everything: showering, domestic work, voluntary work, sports, everything. I have to rest in between activities and can only sit for 2.5 hours straight. And that's quite difficult when you have to examine documents in the archives.

The solution for me would be to order the reproductions of the archive records and let them be sent via e-mail . That way I can examine them while lying down. But unfortunately that costs a lot of money. And, due to my illness I can't afford that.

Would you like to help me with that? Not only will you help me with my research, but you will also contribute to the preservation of my spiritual well-being.
When you are chronically ill, always in pain and you realize that your future plans fall apart, it is sometimes difficult to remain positive.

Stolperstein Herwijnen Molenstraat
The "Stolpersteinen" of Bernard Salomon van Straten, Sophia van der Sluis and Manuel van Straten. At the Molenstraat in Herwijnen

Partly due this project, I manage to keep negative thoughts and depression at bay. The project makes me feel somewhat useful and gives me hope that , despite my limitations, I can still make a contribution to society. And that is nice...

Thank you very much in advance for your donation and your interest in my project.

For more information, please visit my website ( )

Warm greetings,



The funds that will be left over after the project will be invested in the application of "Stolpersteinen" or the adoption of stones in the "Holocaust name monument" that is being built in Amsterdam.

On my website there will be a page on which all document purchases will be registered. This way everyone can follow the money.

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