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About Me

Hi, my name is Marleen. I am forty-something years old and "Happy Single".
I am a fan of everything that has a history of at least 50 years. According to my friends I was born decades to late. They say I have "an old soul". You know, I think they are actually right. But on the other hand, I am just as much a part of modern life.

Unfortunately I've got some health issues. I've got Kyphoscloiosis; A combination of outward curvature (kyphosis) and lateral curvature (scoliosis) of the spine.

In 2002 I underwent surgery to repair my curved spine. But, sadly, things went dramatically wrong. Because of pulmonal complications they couldn't get me of the ventilator. All in all I was on the breathing machine for more than a month.
A second operation was cancelled , due the complications that I had. And that left me in constant and severe nervepain ever since. The only effective treatment for reducing the pain and helping me to remain active is a combination of opioids and a anti-epeleptic drugs.

Because of my health and the intense pains, I had to quit my job. That brought me many tears and sadness. I loved my job! In order to find a useful way of spending my days, I had to find a new hobby.

In my search for a new hobby, I was struck by the "Jewish History" of my hometown Ouderkerk aan den IJssel; a little village in the province South-Holland. By searching the "Yad Vashem" database, I found out that a couple of the Holocaust victims were born in Ouderkerk. That was something I wanted to explore further.

I have decided to study one of the families I found in the database and that once lived in my hometown; The Walg Family. I hope that one day I will be able to give lectures and to write a book about the Walg family.
A book about their lives, their jobs, the war and the Holocaust. Because it is a story that must be told!

Marleen and her bike in 2017

In addition to working on this website and researching the Walg family, I also have other passions..
On good (and sunny) days I'd like to cycling. Cycling reduces, to some extent and only for a while, my pain and it prevent further muscle loss. And that is important, because generally I spend the better part of the day lying flat. Sitting down for extended periods are often too painful for me.

Aside from cycling I love spending my "active hours" doing fun things with friends, going to the theatre, attending sport events, visiting flea markets or going to the beach.
Some things I can maintain longer than others. Usually it will take a couple of days in order to recuperate. But that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. (not always). Life is meant to be lived.

Overall, I try to lead a useful and social life, in spite of my disabilities. Most days I succeed and whenever I have a bad day, I recall my motto.

“Bis Vincit Qui Se Vincit In Victoria”

which lossely translated means: He (She) who prevails over himself (herself) is twice victorious".

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