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In The Beginning

On 10 April 1874, a nice spring day, Eduard Walg and Klaartje Blok said their I do’s in Ouderkerk a/d IJssel. This was the start of the Walg familie. Soon after the I do’s came seven children in rapid succession. They too started families in due time, so that the Walg family had grown to over 35 members by 1940. Then came the war….

By 1945 the Walg family had been decimated. Only a few survived the five horrid years of Nazi occupation. The only thing that remained of the others were their names. These names are written on large paper roles and in the 102.000 Names, among the names of all the other Holocaust victims in the Netherlands. Anonymous names. But all these names represent entire lives. Lives full of love, work, hobbies. A life full of stories.

This website gives me the chance to tell the stories and reconstruct the lives of the Walg family. I do so on the basis I found in the archives. Who were they? What did they do day to day? And what happened to them during this horrible war?

Currently this website is not yet filled, because I am starting my research. Step by step the Walg family will step out of their anonymity. Their stories will reveal how normal, yet how special the Walg family was. A middle-class Dutch family like thousands of others. With one difference. The Walg family was Jewish. And this sealed their fate…

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Beknopte biografie van Jacob Walg

Beknopte biografie van Jacob Walg Jacob, de eerste zoon van Eduard Walg en Klaartje Blok wordt op 19 december 1876 geboren in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel. Slecht 11 maanden later

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portretfoto Mietje Walg

Beknopte Biografie Mietje Walg

Beknopte biografie Mietje Walg Mietje Walg, ook wel Mie genoemd, leefde een bescheiden en vrij teruggetrokken leven. Er is niet zoveel bekend over haar, haar leven lijkt vooral in teken

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profielfoto Hester Prins-Walg

Beknopte biografie Hester Walg

Biografie van Hester Walg Hester, de helft van een tweeling, is de eerstgeborene van Eduard en Klaartje. Op 3 maart 1875 wordt ze, samen met haar zus Mietje, geboren in

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On the map! (1)

Op de kaart! (1) In de rubriek op de kaart visualiseer ik gegevens over de familie Walg. Door met uw muis over de kaart te gaan, vindt u meer informatie

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Beknopte biografie Klaartje Blok

Biografie van Klaartje Blok Op 21 december 1842, de allereerste winterdag, werd midden in de nacht Klaartje Blok geboren. Ze was het allereerste kindje van Andries Abraham Blok en zijn

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Biography of Eduard Walg

Eduard Walg was born on Novembre 26, 1847 in Leerdam, a little town in the province of Zuid-Holland. He was the second child of Jacob Walg and

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Call for support

You could call it my life's work; telling the story of the Jewish family Walg and teaching children and adults about the Holocaust.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Marleen. Forty some and "Happy Single" . I am a fan of anything that has a history of 50 years and more. According to my friends

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On this website I try to give as complete a picture as possible of the Walg family. On the basis of records and

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